December 2, 2022

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Upset Customer Called Not Heard Because Karaoke, Courier COD Do This

Doing a job as a courier certainly has many challenges. One of the challenges faced is when delivering packages to customers’ homes.

Recently, there was a lot of buzz on social media, a video of a courier delivering a package but the customer was called and didn’t hear because he was enjoying karaoke. The video was re-uploaded by the slapstick Instagram social media account.

“Besides bringing a package, this brother also brings guts,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Friday (24/6/2022).

Video footage shows a courier carrying a package coming to the customer’s house. Couriers call their customers from the terrace of the house.

The customer was heard singing karaoke in the house with the main door open. However, the customer did not hear the call from the courier.

Annoyed that he didn’t want to wait long, this courier turned off the electricity at his customer’s house. Incidentally, the electrical box of the customer’s house is in front, so the switch is easily pressed to turn it off.

It is suspected that the courier was forced to do this because the package ordered by the customer was paid for using the COD system. The courier must hand over the package directly to the customer in order to get the payment.

The method used by the courier to wake up the customer who had been called before did not work. The customer immediately went out to meet the package courier.

Courier Turns Off Electricity at Customer’s House

The courier turns off the electricity at the customer’s house. (Instagram/slapstick)

The customer also asked the nominal amount of money to be paid for the COD package. Courier affairs deliver COD packages to customers who have karaoke, without having to wait long.

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The video of the courier’s surefire way to deal with the customer has reaped various responses from netizens. Not a few netizens support the courier method because it is considered efficient, especially when delivering COD packages.

“Handsome and brave,” commented one netizen.

“All this I did because of the COD system,” added another.

“It’s good to be given to meet with mothers who don’t understand COD,” said another.

“Good job, the courier, instead of shouting, you won’t be heard too, the solution is to lower the switch, that’s all right,” other netizens’ comments.

Until this article was compiled, the video upload has received 3.2 million views on Instagram reels and 175 thousand likes.