August 14, 2022

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UPI KKN-T 32 Students Explore the Potential of Gedong Cai Tjibadak in Ledeng Village

Gedong Cai Tjibadak is a spring that was built around 1921 in the era of the first Mayor of Bandung, Bertus Coops. Until now, Gedong Cai Tjibadak is still a source of water for the people of Bandung. Gedong Cai Tjibadak is one of the tangible cultural heritage which is located in Ledeng Village, Cidadap, Bandung City and has been officially designated as a Cultural Conservation that needs to be maintained.

Through the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN) program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia with the theme of Village SDGs-Based Community Empowerment, and MBKM are trying to reintroduce Gedong Cai Tjibadak as one of the local cultural heritages in Ledeng Village to the community.

Efforts to explore potential and promotion are carried out through limited interviews as well as making short video documentation as a way to re-brand one of the local cultural heritages so that they do not become extinct in the midst of rapid development and growth of the city area.

The activities carried out in the process of extracting the potential of the Gedong Cai Tjibadak cultural heritage, as previously explained, were to conduct in-depth interviews with representatives of one of the members of the CAI (Cinta Alam Indonesia) community, which is a community that focuses on developing the Cultural Conservation.

In the concept of culture, the mandate of cultural heritage should be maintained with various conservation efforts and utilization for the benefit of society. Gedong Cai Tjibadak, during a decade of existence, has certainly undergone many changes. The development and conversion of land into built-up areas caused the water flow in Gedong Cai Tjibadak to decrease from 50 liters per second to only 19 liters per second.

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The CAI community as one of the communities that focuses on the development of the cultural heritage of Gedong Cai Tjibadak has a vision and mission that is to return Ledeng to its former state with its people who live in culture, character, and develop all existing potentials for the benefit of the community, both socially and economically.

From one of the results of an interview conducted with Kang Nugi as a representative of the CAI Community, he said that the Gedong Cai Tjibadak Cultural Heritage located in Ledeng Village has its own attraction towards tourism development.

Tourism development in question is culture-based tourism, which aims to promote, utilize, preserve, and improve the quality and attractiveness of the Gedong Cao Tjibadak object, while maintaining the character, norms and values ​​of culture, religion, and other life values. from the Ledeng community itself.

If this potential continues to be developed, it will certainly have an impact on the community itself, both in terms of social and economic aspects. So that in this case there is a need for synergy between the community members of the plumbing community, policy makers, and the role of the community to work together to maintain this cultural heritage so that in the future it can be felt in a sustainable manner.

The presence of the Thematic KKN Student Group of 32 with the theme “Cultural Responsive Village” is certainly hoped to have a significant impact on the existence of the Gedong Cai Tibadak Local Cultural Heritage. With the documentation video made, hopefully it can be more educational, as well as provide information to the wider public, especially the Ledeng village community regarding the importance of preserving the Gedong Cai Tibadak Cultural Heritage as one of heritage superior in Ledeng village.

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