July 2, 2022


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UP10TION’s Kim Wooseok Accused of Using Pets for Popularity

Netizens on various online communities expressed their concern about UP10TION member Kim Wooseok (known as Wooshin) for abandoning his pets, and only using them to gain popularity.

Summarize from Koreaboo on Wednesday (15/6/2022), in an online post that suddenly went viral, a netizen accused Kim Wooseok of abandoning his pet.

The post criticized Kim Wooseok for adopting three pets in 2 years. Even though Wooseok has stated that he is allergic to cats.

The idol was also accused of hiding the fact that he had a cat, but was caught in one of these livestream which he did.

Kim Wooseok after leaving the dorm has adopted one pomeranian, then Bichon, and now a cat? Are you out of your mind? Look, he forced his dog to join the live broadcast,” wrote one netizen.

The post also explains in detail when Wooseok adopted his pets and what he has done with them. The netizen accused the idol of only using these animals to gain fame.

In 2020 adopted Ddadda, then created content such as: Personal content, unboxing, agility, There Is No Such Things As Bad Dog.

2021 adopts Ppoppo – Unboxing 2, Personal content.

Lastly, 2022 adopts a cat, Lulu – content undetermined.”

The post also criticized Kim Wooseok for stating that he only bathes his pets once, and then asked his manager to take them to a pet salon.

He looks very proud when he says he only bathes his dog once, and asks his manager to look after him,” wrote netizens.

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If you just tell someone else to look after your pet, it means you are not taking good care of the animal, so you don’t have to adopt. Kim Wooseok’s fans have even made fanart for his newly adopted cat,” he continued.

Netizens also commented on how Kim Wooseok held his pet. Many netizens said Kim Wooseok should have treated them better.

He doesn’t seem to know how to raise a dog? If you look at the adoption distance he goes through, I feel sorry for the dogs,” commented netizens.

Meanwhile, Kim Wooseok debuted with UP10TION in 2015. He gained popularity after joining the program Produce X 101and made their debut with X1.

He is currently promoting as a solo artist, and has just released his latest work ‘3rd Dessire (Reve)’ on March 7, 2022.