September 27, 2022

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Unpaid Debt, This Woman Gives An Empty Envelope With A Shocking Message To A Friend

Who doesn’t get annoyed when a friend has a debt but it never gets paid? Moreover, the debt is already years. Want to charge but are reluctant to their own friends who have no initiative to pay. I was so upset waiting for a friend to pay the debt, this woman chose to let it go.

By uploading a short video on her TikTok account yayahnurhayati537, the woman shared a striking message for a friend who owed her but never paid. The video was re-uploaded by the Dunia_kaumhawa Instagram account, Wednesday (08/06/2022).

Video footage shows a woman named Yayah giving an empty envelope to a friend who has a debt. He will give the empty envelope to his married friend.

Yayah wrote a striking message on this empty envelope for his friend who is getting married but has not yet paid his debt to him. On the cover of the envelope, Yayah apologized for only giving him an empty envelope.

“Sorry, Jeng, just an EMPTY envelope,” he wrote.

Yayah explained the reason he gave the empty envelope to his friend who was married.

“Your debt of IDR 500,000 has not been paid for more than two years. Let’s just say it’s the contents of my envelope than there is no clarity. So I consider your debt paid off,” Yayah clearly wrote the striking message on the back of the envelope.

Striking Message in a Blank Envelope

A striking message for a friend who is married and never pays his debt. (Instagram/world_youth)

Yayah did not forget to congratulate his friend’s wedding. He also wished his friend a happy marriage.

“Congratulations,” he said marked Yayah.

The video upload of the woman giving an empty envelope with a striking message written to her married friend attracted attention. Netizens were horrified and inspired by the anti-mainstream way this woman collects debt.

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“It’s scary what the husband reads when he opens the envelope, wow. The debate at the beginning of the marriage is already the title,” said one netizen.

“Shame to the veins” said another.

“Suitable for imitation, for people who like to owe but don’t get paid” other comments.

“You can follow this example, so you don’t have any more debt, right?” added another.

“Better that way than being billed to death,” another netizen said.