December 1, 2022

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Unique! This official’s child’s wedding is like a people’s market party, invited guests are free to pack vegetables and fruit

Every wedding celebration always has its own theme and concept. It depends on the dream of each bride and groom. Some want the concept to be able to be anti-mainstream.

Speaking of the concept of a wedding party, recently, viral on social media, the child marriage of one of the Surabaya officials. The wedding is unique because it carries the theme “people’s market”.

Unique Concept Wedding Viral

Through an upload on the TikTok account of a wedding organizer from Surabaya, namely @kamiisah_, the anti-mainstream wedding moment was shared.

In the video, it shows the nuances of the decorations that are really arranged in such a way. Looks neatly arranged vegetables throughout the room.

If the front center of the wedding stage is usually decorated with plant decorations or fountains, this decoration is actually filled with vegetables and fruits.

Then, if the guests usually come home with souvenirs, this is different again. Guests at this invitation event actually get free fresh vegetables and fruit.

The invited guests to the vendor team also looked very happy. After shaking hands with the bride and groom, they immediately brought a shopping bag and filled it with the available vegetables.

Of course, the upload got a lot of comments from netizens. In fact, it is not uncommon for netizens to praise the unique theme of the wedding to the point of wanting a wedding theme with a “people’s market” feel.

Netizens Comment

“This is a really cool wedding idea, fresh and unique, different from the others,” said one netizen.

“Blessings and blessings, it’s a wedding theme like this, it’s a cool idea,” commented one netizen.

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“Tomorrow, if I have met my soul mate, I want the wedding to be like this,” another netizen said.

One netizen also commented, “I really like the concept, I want this too.”

Meanwhile, this article was written, Tuesday (27/9/2022) the upload has been seen by 725.4 thousand viewers. (AUTHOR/DYAH AYU NUR WULAN)