October 1, 2022


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Unique! The location of this gas station is right on the residents’ home page, this is what it looks like

Where do you usually find gas stations? Maybe all this time you have found a gas station on the side of the highway.

However, there are gas stations that have a unique location. This gas station is right in the yard of a resident’s house.

The appearance of the unique gas station was uploaded by the philipponk Instagram social media account. The upload shows two photos of gas stations located on Jalan Muncang, Koja, North Jakarta.

“Just found out that there is Pertamina in people’s yards,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by Yoursay.id, Wednesday (15/06/2022).

The gas station is smaller than the usual gas station. This model of gas station is called Pertashop.

The unique gas station in the residents’ yard has ornaments like a large gas station. There is a sign that says the type of fuel for sale on the front of the page.

The refueling machine is placed in a rectangular room similar to a large gas station. Although small, this room is in accordance with Pertamina gas station standards.

The entrance and exit are made like a large gas station but are separated by a house fence. Every driver who refuels here will be served by officers too.

Gas Station Location

The gas station is right in the residents’ yard. (Instagram/Philipponk)

The officers also wore red Pertamina uniforms complete with hats. It looks like the photo upload shows a queue of buyers using motorbikes refueling.

Interestingly, the gas station is not only in the yard of residents’ homes. For homeowners, when they leave the door, they are immediately greeted with a view of the gas station.

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The uniqueness of the location of the gas station which is on the resident’s home page attracted the attention of netizens who saw the upload. Warganet immediately flooded the comments column to write various responses.

“Is this a joke?” asked one curious netizen.

“It’s like a shooting set, isn’t it. It’s not Pertamina anymore,” other responses.

“Stunning pride,” another said.

“Is the price the same as?” another netizen said.

Some netizens tried to guess the job of the unique gas station owner on the home page.

“The one who owns the yacht,” guess a netizen.

“Angkot skipper this time,” said another.