December 2, 2022

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Unique, Hima Adpem Unpad Provides Disaster Mitigation Education by Dancing Together

Hima Government Administration FISIP Padjadjaran University socialized disaster mitigation in Cikeruh Village, Jatinangor District, Sumedang Regency. This is a form of commemoration of the 2022 Environment Day and a form of preventive efforts against the threat of disasters in the village.

“The socialization of disaster mitigation entitled Desa Planned Disaster-Free Village helps local villagers, especially children, face potential disaster preparedness in this village, and increases public awareness regarding disaster mitigation,” said Kang Sulthan Adam, Chairperson of the Student Association of Government Administration FISIP University Padjadjaran.

Cikeruh Village is a village that has the potential to experience flash floods. This village was chosen by the Government Administration Student Association of FISIP Padjadjaran University because there has not been much socialization of disaster mitigation in the village.

Kang Ibnu Salman as the Head of the Public Service Unit of the Government Administration Student Association added, “The socialization of disaster response was carried out according to disasters that often occur, namely flash floods. It is hoped that local residents and children will understand the preparedness for the disaster.”

The socialization took place on Sunday 5 June 2022, divided into two sessions. The first session of socialization of disaster mitigation by dancing “Marina Dancing on the Tower.” Not much different from the first session, the second session of disaster mitigation socialization was the same as the “Chicken Dance” dance socialization method, but those who got the wrong choreography would get a disaster question.

“The easy-to-understand socialization method through choreography has become our path in disseminating disaster mitigation, besides maintaining enthusiasm during the series, it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining the enthusiasm of the children, and achievements and expectations can be described easily,” continued Teh Ruth Eunike as Chief Executive. this activity.

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The establishment of a Disaster Mitigation Village was slowly initiated as an effort to increase awareness of disaster mitigation. For this reason, the selection of socialization for children is the main focus in Cikeruh Village, because they are considered to have early understanding and respond quickly.

“Besides that, practicing the values ​​of the tri dharma of higher education is a responsibility for us students, not just a protest but respect for the process,” added the Chairperson of the Government Administration Student Association.