September 24, 2022

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Unaffected by Divorce, Sun Yi Enjoys Traveling With Friends

Netease Entertainment reported on August 17, 2022 that Chinese actress Sun Yi traveled to Xishuangbanna with her friend. He also shared this travel video through the Douyin platform.

Sun Yi who is wearing traditional clothes looks beautiful and happy. Apparently, he was having a lot of fun. Several netizens who happened to meet Sun Yi asked for a photo with him. The actress happily accepted the netizens’ requests. Her beauty and friendliness were also praised by people.

In the video shared by Sun Yi, her hair is seen hanging down. He smiled brightly, which made his charm shine even more. In caption In the video, Sun Yi added the hashtag #Loving Yourself Is The Beginning of a Lifelong Romance.

Seeing this video, many netizens said that Sun Yi looked more beautiful after the divorce. It was as if he had returned to his teenage years. Apparently, Sun Yi was not affected at all by his recent divorce.

Sun Yi and her ex-husband, Dong Zijian, announced that they had officially divorced on August 8, 2022. At first, no one expected that this couple would announce their sudden divorce. The reason, they always look harmonious for almost 6 years of marriage.

Sun Yi and Dong Zijian have a daughter who is named “Dafu”. In the divorce announcement released by both studios, it was stated that they divorced amicably after much deliberation. They will also take turns taking care of their daughter in the future.

Until now, no one knows the reason why a loving couple like Sun Yi and Dong Zijian finally decided to divorce. Netizens can only speculate about this.

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However, some media received information from Sun Yi’s friends that Sun Yi and Dong Zijian’s relationship had been fractured since half a year ago. It is said that the two have too many disagreements regarding their future plans.

Recently, several media also reported that Dong Zijian was busy with filming activities. Netizens concluded that Sun Yi and Dong Zijian’s divorce did not have a big impact on their lives.