September 27, 2022

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UEFA National League Portugal vs Czech Republic: Hope to win the standings and Fernando Santos tactics

Estadio Jose Alvalade Stadium, on Friday 10 June 2022 at 01:45 WIB, will have a pretty fierce match. It is Portugal who will work with the Czech Republic at the stadium. This match is the third match for the two teams in Group 2 of the 2022 UEFA National League. This match will of course be very interesting considering that these two teams have never lost.

Portugal and Switzerland both have good capital

Portugal and Switzerland both have quite slick and brilliant capital. Namely in their last two matches in this event, both bagged one win and one draw. Which in a sense, made by Fernando Santos and Silhavy has both won four points.

The reason is, Portugal in its first match, was able to break up Spain’s victory at Sevilla and the end result was a draw with a score of 1:1. In the second match, Portugal succeeded in thrashing and shaving off Murat Yasin’s troops, Switzerland with a fantastic score, 4:0.

Meanwhile in the opposing camp, the Czech Republic, also won against Switzerland, the difference being that Portugal won 4:0 and the Czechs won 2:1 over Switzerland. Likewise when the Czechs against Spain. They are also the same as Portugal, which held a draw with Luis Enrique’s troops. The difference is that Portugal drew 1:1, while the Czechs drew 2:2.

Winning the First Standing and Fernando Santos Tactics

Currently, Portugal and the Czech Republic both won four points. However, because Portugal is ahead in the number of goals, Portugal is temporarily top of the standings and the Czechs are in second place. This means that whoever wins in this match, they will be at the top of the standings because they will be three points ahead.

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Fernando Santos, Portugal coach in the first match versus Spain, reserved Ronaldo. The result is a 1:1 draw. But against Switzerland, Ronaldo played and immediately scored two goals.

Well, this fight is very important. Fernando Santos’ tactics will clearly be even more accurate. Will Ronaldo be back on the bench or played. Given, winning is a fixed price to be at the top of the standings.