December 6, 2022

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UEFA National League Ireland vs Ukraine, Wound Healing Game?

The Ukraine squad will come to visit the headquarters of the Republic of Ireland to fulfill the match in the UEFA National League 2022-2023 season. The arrival of Roman Yaremchuk and his colleagues are welcome to appear at the Aviva stadium, Ireland, Thursday 9 June 2022 at 01:45 WIB.

Ireland Lose in Premiere

In their first match, the Republic of Ireland was unable to achieve the result they really wanted, namely a victory. Unfortunately a thousand dear, came to visit the headquarters of Armenia, Ireland was forced to go home empty-handed and empty. The reason, the host Armenia who won the match.

Armenia’s victory was thanks to the only goal scored by Spertsyan in the 74th minute. Ireland is superior in terms of the game. Very dominating attack and possession of the ball. But they were unable to equalize or even turn things around. As a result, they must be sincere about their defeat.

Ukraine is hurting and looking for victory

Ukraine is in a state that is not fresh. Not because of what, Ukraine failed to qualify for the World Cup. The culprit behind the failure of Ireland, is Wales. Appearing in the World Cup Qualification playoff final, Ukraine was forced to its knees in front of the Wales public, at Cardiff Stadium with a score of 1:0. It made Wales qualify for the World Cup for the first time after a long wait of approximately 64 years.

First match for Ukraine

This match against the Republic of Ireland, is the first match for the Ukraine squad. So, thus, of course they are determined and very optimistic to win this match. Moreover, for Ukraine if they win in this match, it can be a solace for their failure to the World Cup over Wales earlier.

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But even so, the Republic of Ireland’s narrow defeat against Armenia, of course, made them slapped. Which means, Ireland will also be eyeing victory in this match against Ukraine. Troy Parrott and his colleagues certainly will not remain silent when facing Ukraine later.

However, when viewed from the record of the meeting of these two teams, on paper Ukraine is the favorite to win. Because, per the last six meetings, Ukraine was able to win three matches. While Ireland was only able to pick one victory.