December 2, 2022

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UEFA National League: Greece Wants To Continue Positive Trend Against Cyprus

The third match in the UEFA National League 2022 Group 2 League C will bring together two strong teams, Greece versus Cyprus. This match will take place on Friday 10 June 2022 at 01:45 WIB at the Panthessaliko stadium, Volost.

Greece eyeing third straight win

Gus Poyet’s team in the UEFA National League this season is still completely untouched by defeat. The two matches played by Bakasetas and his colleagues were successfully packed with a series of victories. In the first match, Greece successfully won over its opponent, Northern Ireland with a thin score of 1:0. In the second match, Gus Poyet’s team also managed to win again, by ejecting the Kosovo national team with the same score of 1:0.

The two consecutive victories made Limnios and his friends temporarily succeed at the top of the standings. So to widen the distance with the opponents below, it is clear, the former Greek soldiers are very much eyeing victory in this match.

Cyprus is at the bottom of the standings

In contrast to Greece. Cyprus, not only sits in the third standings, but is at the bottom of the standings in fourth place with one point. This is of course because Pittas and his colleagues were unable to gain victory in the first and second matches in the UEFA National League this season. They were only able to draw and lose once.

Greek Players Cyprus Should Watch Out For

There is one Greek player who is now the protagonist for his team. He is Bakasetas. Not for whatever reason Cyprus should be wary of the movement of the Greek midfielder. The reason is, the two wins that Greece got earlier were thanks to goals from the midfielder named Bakasetas.

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Cyprus Wants Winning Points

On the other hand, Cyprus looking at this match, of course, wants to gain perfect points. The reason is, the one defeat and one draw they got, made them uncomfortable and not safe at the bottom of the standings. So to get out of the black zone, the only way to go is winning points.