September 27, 2022

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UEFA National League B Group 1: A Fierce Duel between Scotland and Armenia

On Thursday 9 June 2022, at 01.45 WIB, Scotland will play their first match in the UEFA National League B Group 1. The opponents they will face are Armenia. In the previous match, Armenia won the match against Ireland with a thin score of 1:0. The victory made him temporarily occupy the top ranking with three points. As for Ireland’s defeat earlier, making them temporarily have to be at the bottom of the standings.

Dealing with Scotland, for Armenia, this is their second match in the 2022-2023 UEFA National League. Meanwhile, for the opponent, Scotland is their first match.

Scotland has just had bad luck. Because, in the semifinals playoffs World Cup qualification, they were forced to fall by the Ukrainian squad. The score they suffered from that defeat, was 3:1.

Ukraine was smiling happily for the victory. And qualified for the World Cup Qualifying playoff final against Wales. But unfortunately, the smiling Ukrainian smile had to change to a gloomy face. Ukraine failed to win over Wales. They were forced to knock with a score of 1:0 thin. And make Wales qualify for the World Cup to Qatar later.

And this time, Armenia will again test the strength of Scotland. For Scotland, the defeat against Ukraine is clearly very painful. While Armenia’s narrow victory over Ireland, it was a noble wish that they managed to make it happen.

But remember, the match between Scotland and Armenia is the same as the match between Ireland and Ukraine. Ukraine wants to win over Ireland for a bite of medicine after Ukraine’s defeat to Wales. Scotland? The same. They both want to get rid of their disappointment because they lost to Ukraine. In what way? Of course with a package of victory over Armenia.

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Although, for Scotland, defeating Armenia is not an easy matter and is easily realized. And heroically, it is clear that Armenia does not want to let Scotland’s wishes come true. For Armenia, his victory over Scotland in this UNL match is something. While Scotland’s defeat to Ukraine in playoffs World Cup qualification, that’s another thing.

This match is clearly going to be tough. And the winner is hard to predict.