September 27, 2022

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UEFA National League B: Albania vs Israel Looking to Win?

Albania and Israel are now hunting for points to place themselves proudly at the top of the standings.

Albania’s duel with Israel itself will take place on Saturday 11 June 2022 at Albania’s headquarters. Precisely at Air Albania Stadium, Tirana at 01:45 WIB. This match is the third round in the UEFA National League season 2022-2023 group stage.

The two teams, namely Albania and Israel in their first match, were not able to achieve perfect results. The reason is, the two European troops were only able to play a draw when a duel with Iceland. The difference, Albania drew 1:1. Meanwhile, Israel drew 2:2 with Iceland.

With this result, of course, Iceland put themselves temporarily leading the standings with two points. While Israel is in second place. And Albania itself, is now in third place. Why is Iceland in first place even though they haven’t won the game yet?

Because, Iceland has packed two points from two matches against Israel and Albania earlier. In fact, this group is the same as the other teams. That is, there are four countries. However, Russia, which is in the same group as this team, could not participate because it was sanctioned due to the Russian-Ukrainian invasion a few months ago. So for that, Russia was frozen in this prestigious event.

Earning First Victory Points

First place, Iceland has now won two points due to draws over Albania and Israel. So, of course, Israel, which is inhabited by Eli Dasa, Solomon Manor and their colleagues, will play impressively when they host Albania, which was escorted by Armando Broja and Ivan Balliu.

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This win is very important. Because, with this victory, the team will place themselves in the first standings, shifting Iceland. It’s just that these two teams cannot be guessed who will win. Because in the last four meetings between these two teams, both sides have beaten each other. Which means, they both pack two wins and two defeats.