August 14, 2022

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Two weeks of screenings, Ivanna completes the list of films that won two million viewers

After the slowing down of the Covid-19 case and the loosening of activities carried out by the public by the government, the Indonesian film industry is increasingly showing its revival. How not, after the last two years the Indonesian film industry was sluggish due to restrictions on audience attendance at the cinema, 2022 is a moment of awakening from adversity. This is indicated by the increasing number of viewers attending the cinema, as well as the achievement of domestic films which were able to absorb the number of viewers more than two years earlier.

Starting with the movie I thought you were home which was able to kick off with the achievement of an audience of more than two million pairs of eyes, the positive achievements of the Indonesian film industry were continued by other films such as The Doll, 3to phenomenal movies Community Service Program in Dancer Village which was able to win 9.2 million viewers during the screen in theaters. And the latest, genre films horror-mystery title Ivana, became a film that recently attracted the interest of the audience to watch it live in theaters.

Adapted from the page Indonesian movie, film Ivanna starring Caitlin Halderman and also Jovarel Callum was first released to the public on July 14, 2022. Thus, by the end of this month, the film, which tells the story of the revenge of the ghost of Ivanna van Dijk, has been developing cinema screens for two weeks. The achievements of this film, which was produced by Manoj Punjabi, can be said to be very positive.

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Adapted from the same page, towards the end of July 2022, film Ivanna So far it has garnered 2,210,790 viewers, and climbed to the fourth position of the list of the highest-grossing films of 2022. This is of course something to be grateful for. The reason is, even though this film has only been released in theaters for approximately two weeks, the rapid achievement of audience income from this film is able to beat favorite films that are predicted to be able to become blockbusters in Indonesia such as Fir Family 2, Missing the Light of Amstel or Dear Nathan: Thank You Salma.

As film lovers, of course we hope that Indonesian films in the future will always get a satisfactory number of viewers. The reason is, with a large number of viewers watching films produced in the country, the Indonesian film industry will be more victorious, and of course it will provoke the creativity of Indonesian filmmakers to produce quality films.