September 27, 2022

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Two Salting Students on the First Day of Lecture, The Causes Make them Embarrassed

The first day of college is the moment that students have been waiting for. Whether for new students or old students.

Usually on the first day of college, you will be better prepared to welcome the start of a new semester. However, not all students are happy to welcome the first day of college.

These two students actually felt different things on the first day of college. The two students misbehaved with each other, aka salting because of wearing the same clothes.

The video of the two students fighting each other because they were wearing the same clothes was uploaded by the starryindonesiaa Instagram social media account. The video recording shows the atmosphere of the class which is already bustling with students coming.

The students were seen sitting in their respective chairs. Likewise with a student who wears a green and black plaid shirt.

Suddenly another student came to the class. This student’s appearance became the spotlight of friends in class.

The reason is, the new student is wearing the exact same clothes as his classmate. He wore a green and black plaid shirt.

Their style of wearing shirts is the same. They wear shirts over their trousers with the buttons on them.

The difference is, the students who just came rolled up their sleeves. Meanwhile, the student who had been sitting all this time had his hands neatly trimmed by buttons.

Accidentally Wearing the Same Clothes

Two students in the same class wear the same clothes. (Instagram/starryindonesiaa)

The two students looked salty because they wore shirts with the same motif. Students who have just arrived can be seen smiling behind their masks.

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Meanwhile, the student who wore the other twin shirts looked embarrassed and tried to be nonchalant. The classmates were made to laugh when they saw the two students wearing shirts with the same motif on the first day of college.

Until this article was compiled, the video has already received 226,000 views on Instagram reels. The video commentary column was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who were watching.

“If it’s a boy, it’s just fun. Try it for a girl,” said one netizen.

“Wow, this is a match, well, congratulations, so happy, so sweet,” another commented by adding a laughing emoji.

“The back is relaxed, the front is like shy, afraid to be called the best couple this time,” said another.

“Fortunately, my campus wears a uniform, not casual clothes, so I don’t have to worry about thinking about college outfits,” other netizens’ comments.