May 30, 2023

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TWICE’s Dahyun is terrorized for skipping Lisa’s BLACKPINK song, fans put their bodies on

Launch Kbizoomrecently a post on Nate Pann’s online community entitled BLACKPINK Fans Attack Dahyun’s Instagram uploaded. In the post, the poster explains, “Dahyun recently played a YouTube video on Bubble Live. Before the video started, a BLACKPINK group song commercial was playing.”

He added, “After waiting about 5 seconds for the ‘Skip’ button to appear, he pressed ‘Skip’, saying, ‘I don’t have YouTube Premium. This is a YouTube ad.’ However, overseas netizens continue to terrorize his Instagram with malicious comments.”

Whereas on that day, Dahyun had just posted photos of herself attending the Michael Kors fashion show through her personal Instagram, but her comment column was filled with hundreds of malicious comments from some unscrupulous BLACKPINK fans.

Some of these fans showered Dahyun with scathing comments and demands that she apologize to Lisa “How dare you miss a BLACKPINK song?”, “Apologize”, “Are you aware that you have done something wrong?” and “You have no manners.”

Through Dahyun’s live video footage circulating, he did seem to find an advertisement for Lisa BLACKPINK’s solo song entitled ‘LALISA’ and then passed it. But before he passed, he seemed to be nodding his head enjoying Lisa’s musical intro, without showing dislike or other negative sentiments.

Because of this, Korean netizens and TWICE fans also feel that the hatred directed at Dahyun is unreasonable because she has the right to go through whatever she wants.

Still in Dahyun’s Instagram comment column, TWICE fans along with several BLACKPINK fans also said that he was innocent and didn’t need to apologize for this.

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“He doesn’t need to apologize to anyone, if he wants, he can skip any song, even if it’s your favorite song. Just accept that not everyone enjoys that song. I love Dahyun.”

“Why did Dahyun have to apologize to Lisa? What did she do? Did she insult Lisa? Say racist things to her? All of you should apologize to Dahyun for talking nonsense and even body shaming her.”

“Dahyun, I’m a BLINK (BLACKPINK fan), you don’t need to think about malicious comments directed at you, we will protect you like we protect TWICE. Don’t pay attention to people who have abused him. I actually apologize for the actions of some BLINKs who blasphemed him .”

What do you think about Dahyun’s actions and the reactions some BLACKPINK fans are giving her? Write your comments below, yes!