August 8, 2022

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Tsuugaku Tochu Movie: The Painting Artist Who Opened the Heart of an Introverted Girl

Someone who is present in our lives gives various meanings. Not infrequently, someone finds new views and dreams, realizes what they want to do and is able to do something unexpected when they meet someone who means a lot to their life. This is what is depicted in the film “Tsuugaku Tochu”.

Film Tsuugaku Tochuu be one part of two films Tsuugaku Series which was adapted from the novel of the same name by Miyu. This film tells the story of a high school girl named Yuki Ichijou (played by Aoi Morikawa).

He is an introvert and always does everything alone not because he is ostracized, but simply because he prefers to be alone.

Yuki falls in love with a young man who attends Higashi High School named Kyosuke Yoshizawa (Eiji Akaso). Kyosuke works part-time at a convenience store with his best friend, Kanata Harukawa (Yudai Chiba) who is usually called Haru.

Yuki always stopped by there after school on his way to the tutoring place to meet him with the excuse of buying bread.

While attending an art class, Yuki meets Kou Hashiba (Taishi Nakagawa), a student who has a high artistic spirit and whose paintings are admired at every exhibition. The paintings that Kou made were not merely imitating objects like Yuki did, but were filled with imagination.

Yuki thinks Kou will major in art, in fact Kou intends to major in business and get a good job. Painting is just a hobby that he wants to do after retirement.

Yuki, who is trying to fulfill his parents’ expectations to go to college and become a doctor in order to inherit the family hospital, then compares himself with Kou who has firmly planned his future.

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Yuki doesn’t even know what he really wants to do or what job he wants to do in his life, because all this time he’s been studying to become the child his parents can hope for. The only time he could be himself was when he stopped by the convenience store to meet Kyosuke.

Unfortunately, in the midst of his indecisive feelings, he finds out that Kyosuke already has a girlfriend named Yuka Arakawa (Izumi Fujimoto).

Of course, Yuki feels heartbroken, but Haru, knowing that Yuki secretly likes Kyosuke, encourages him not to give up on his feelings for Kyosuke.

The enthusiasm given by Haru makes Yuki start trying to attract Kyosuke’s attention. Unfortunately, things don’t go well, because he’s not really good at romance.

On the way home with a gloomy face, Yuki accidentally saw Kou enter a house. Yuki was curious and approached the house. In front of the gate of the house, he found a brush that was accidentally dropped by Kou.

Yuki intended to return the brush and enter the house. However, the house looked pitch black. Yuki started to feel scared when suddenly Kou appeared behind her. Turns out, the house does belong to Kou. The young man then invited Yuki in and showed him his painting room.

Yuki was so amazed when he saw the universe painting that Kou made on the wall of his house. Since then, it’s no longer a mini market, but Kou’s house which Yuki often visits before going to tutoring.

They also exchanged a lot of stories and their relationship grew closer. Will his closeness to Kou make Yuki forget about Kyosuke? Watch the sequel in the movie Tsuugaku Tochu. Enjoy watching!

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