October 6, 2022


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Truck Driver Complains Seeing Convoy Of Luxury Cars Being Escorted: People Don’t Have It Can Only Be Silent

Recently, there has been a lot of video on social media of a truck driver complaining that a convoy of luxury cars escorted by the police can cut traffic jams. The video was re-uploaded by the underc0ver.id Instagram social media account.

Video footage shows, a truck driver who was initially stuck in a severe traffic jam. The lanes from the right and left are full of rows of vehicles that can’t move.

When vehicles stuck in severe traffic jams are still snaking long, sirens and strobes can be heard from police vehicles.

The vehicle cut through the traffic jam to escort a convoy of luxury cars. The vehicle belonging to the police at the front opened the way between the traffic jams for the convoy of luxury cars.

This situation provoked the emotions of one of the truck drivers who were in the same lane with a convoy of luxury cars. The truck driver captured the moment while expressing his complaints.

“Oops, sirs, you already know that traffic jams are still breaking through, sir. Just because the rich are playing stealth. Here, people who don’t have one can only stay silent (don’t break through the traffic jam), man ***,” said the truck driver.

Convoy of luxury cars escorted through traffic jams

The convoy of luxury cars cut through the traffic jam escorted by the police. (Instagram/ underc0ver.id)

Because of his emotions, this truck driver repeated his sad words with the difference in treatment for the rich and the poor.

“Just because you’re rich like that. You already know you’re rich, like you go your own way. Traffic jams are people’s roads, dude,” he said.

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The video of a truck driver’s complaint against a convoy of luxury cars being escorted through the traffic jam has drawn reactions from netizens.

“It should just be prohibited, escort is not important like this,” said one netizen.

“Isn’t it already not allowed to carry out escorts? Apart from state officials and civil servants on duty,” added another.

“Institutions that never go wrong and don’t want to be blamed,” other comments.

“It must be a person, yes, guys. You just know it yourself,” another response.

Based on Government Regulation (PP) Number 43 of 1993 in Article 65 paragraph 1 it is stated that there are 7 road users who may get priority rights, namely:

a. Fire fighting vehicle on duty

b. Ambulance transporting sick people

c. Vehicles to provide assistance in traffic accidents

d. Vehicles of Heads of State (President and Vice President) or Foreign Governments who are state guests

e. The funeral procession

f. Convoys, parades or vehicles of the disabled

g. Vehicles that are used for special purposes or transport special goods.