October 1, 2022


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Tricks for Planting Betel Ivory Without Soil Media, It’s Easy!

Soil is the main medium if we want to grow crops. However, today’s gardening techniques allow many other media that can be used as a means of planting, one of which is water. One of the plants that can be bred in water is pothos or betel ivory.

Even planting ivory betel with water can have a faster growth than soil. This is when water is added with liquid organic fertilizer (POC). Then how to plant ivory betel without soil media? The following is a review as reported by Gardeningknowhow.com:

1. Prepare the Container

You can choose a clear glass or plastic container for planting betel ivory with water media. This is so you can monitor the extent of root growth. In addition, clear containers are more beautiful to look at because they seem natural.

You don’t need to buy a new container to plant ivory betel. You can use used bottles that are uniquely shaped for your ivory betel holder.

2. Plant Preparation

You can propagate ivory betel by cutting it from a mature plant. After cutting, remove the lower leaves to prevent rot if exposed to water. In addition, cutting the lower leaves can save nutrients for plants so that leaf growth can be faster.

3. Choose Water Media

After preparing the plant, choose water that is suitable for ivory betel media. It is recommended to fill the container with tap water or water containing chlorine. Let it sit for a day or two before you put the plant in the water. This is so that the chemicals evaporate.

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4. Add Liquid Fertilizer

You can add liquid fertilizer to the water for good betel ivory growth. It is recommended to use liquid organic fertilizer that you can make yourself from organic waste. You simply drip a little liquid fertilizer to support root development.

5. Location Selection

Betel ivory with water media will grow better when it gets sunlight. Place the plant in a place that gets access to light, even if it is not direct. But avoid drying betel ivory in a place that is too hot. This can stunt growth and make the leaves brown or yellow from sunburn.

6. Regularly Changing Water

Change the water in the container every two to three weeks or whenever the water looks brackish or dirty. This water change also anticipates the emergence of mosquito larvae in the water. Then, scrub the container with a cloth or toothbrush to remove any algae that might be adhering to it.

That’s the trick of growing betel ivory with water media. Hope it helps!