August 8, 2022

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Trending! Music Video The World of Yura Yunita’s Deceptions and the Meaning in It

Recently, Indonesian musician Yura Yunita released a music video for his song entitled “Dunia Tipu-Tipu” on July 27, 2022. This song was first released in 2021, which is the first track from the Tutur Batin album. Since its release, this music video has been trending on several social media platforms and has reached 1.8 million views on YouTube.

This is not Yura Yunita’s first song that is able to touch the listeners. Several songs on the Tutur Batin album also went viral when it was first released. This is because every song he brings has a color, a story and a touching life lesson in it.

Combined with her melodious voice, Yura Yunita succeeded in bringing the lyrics of the song Dunia Tipu-Tipu to be more meaningful. After the music video for this song was released, the description of the story behind the song Dunia Tipu-Tipu became easier for fans to understand and enjoy.

The meaning of the song Dunia Tipu-Tipu is very deep. The lyrics of the song seem to explain that as human beings we are given a great gift to be able to meet people we love. With those who are present and want to understand us, it is something to be grateful for.

This song also explains that people who love us will be able to understand us without the need for explanation. Which means that the longer a person is together, lives together and spends a lot of time together, the stronger the feeling of being connected between the two.

From there we know that it is important to have someone who is important to have a beloved figure in our lives whether it is friends, parents, and partners. The message in this song is clearly illustrated by the lyrics that are sung over and over by Yura Yunita.

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music video The World of Tips (YouTube/Yura Yunita)

“In the world of deceit

I can feel real with you

Without much una inu

I can always feel safe

Only you understand

This head wave

Praise without words

Our eyes speak

Always comfortable together

Promise not going anywhere

Only you understand

This head wave, promise not going anywhere

In the world of deceit, you are where I rest

Good or bad, gray, but your color is white for me.

This song is very suitable to be listened to and relate to by all people, both young and old.

In her music video, Yura Yunita presents a social experiment in which several different couples are gathered, starting from a mother and child, brother and sister, a best friend, and a married couple. They were then asked to share their hearts and feelings with each other without speaking, some of them crying and expressing their affection for the person who became their partner.