September 28, 2022

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Traders in Japan Deftly Wake Up Alone, Indonesian Warganet: I Am Stuffy Lapak

Seeing street vendors building their own selling stalls looks strange in some areas in Indonesia. Usually, street vendors build their stalls with the help of several people.

However, street vendors in Japan actually do it themselves deftly. The action was uploaded by TikTok social media user sailormoongalak.

“Japanese street vendors are truly amazing,” wrote the uploader as a video description as quoted by, Monday (13/6/2022).

Video footage shows a street vendor pulling his own cart. When he arrived at the selling location, he immediately rushed to lift boxes of groceries from the trunk of the car.

The street vendors then built their stalls to sell them deftly. He unloaded the boards from the cart.

He then put up the cart support deftly. He then put the boards around his selling cart.

It’s not just building their stalls deftly alone. The street vendor also installed gas, arranged a large number of selling equipment, and prepared food ingredients.

After finishing, he also arranged the benches for the buyers to sit down quickly. This street vendor deftly cooks all the ingredients he has prepared.

He is very adept at cooking two menus at the same time. He even cooks on the phone. He also serves buyers alone.

Street Vendors in Quick Japan

Prepare and cook customer orders alone. (TikTok/ sailor moongalak)

Imagine at one time doing the work alone building a stall, preparing sales, cooking to serve buyers. The dexterous work ethic of street vendors in Japan is enviable.

It hasn’t been a day since it’s been uploaded, this video of the action of street vendors in Japan who are nimble in their work has been watched as many as 4.1 million times. Indonesian netizens were amazed by the dexterity of the Japanese street vendor.

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“In Japan, don’t ask for their dexterity, what I applaud is that they sell themselves, sometimes they are crowded but they don’t slow down quickly,” said a netizen.

“He’s the one who cleans up, I’m the stuffy one,” another said.

“Even though there are so many perintilannya, it can be so systematic, salute,” another compliment.

“Weh, there’s a lot of furniture, salute to his tenacity,” added another netizen.