August 8, 2022

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Tracing the black trail of why Chelsea’s performance has declined

Chelsea, this 2021 season is on a less promising ladder. In fact, it is said to be crushed, that’s fine. The reason is, the boss is subject to sanctions, the confusion of club ownership to a squad that is said to be classy but unable to bring Chelsea to the path of revival. Plus, Chelsea’s defeat in the FA Cup and Carabao Cup finals this season, the Blues have suffered completely.

A squad that is often injured, blunders and finishing factors, further strengthens Chelsea that next season, it must improve.

Initially, Thomas Tuchel put his trust in the Blues squad. Even Thomas Tuchel is optimistic that Chelsea will return to being superior. That’s because Chelsea are armed with the Champions League champions. And sure enough, Kai Havertz and his team started the competition well. But, decreased later on. Until in the end, it slumped and fell apart as we saw at the end of the 2021 season.

Indeed, to say too bad, Chelsea are not. The reason is that even though Chelsea failed in the Champions League, and failed to win the Premier League trophy, Thomas Tuchel’s foster children were still able to compete in the English League arena, and were able to rank fourth at the end of the season.

The Blues’ sharp fangs began to appear when they lost to Manchester City and Juventus in September 2021. That defeat was unable to make Chelsea rise. Instead, experience even more undesirable things. Namely a 3:2 defeat over West Ham United when they played away games. Do not stop there, Chelsea began to recede. Three times swallowed a draw over the teams on paper, Chelsea should be able to win.

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The problem of Abraham being sanctioned for allegedly interfering with the Russian-Ukrainian invasion, increasingly made Chelsea decline. Then many suspect, this is the reason why Chelsea are in a very difficult situation.

On the other hand, the existence of Lukaku as a bomber or attacker, his role is very invisible. Looks sluggish.

Blaming the players, so unfair. The coach’s tactics are also very influential. Look how sharp and goal-hungry Lukaku is at Inter Milan. Well, how come Chelsea is not even fertile?