October 1, 2022


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Toddlers are allowed to eat alone, even do the unexpected with their rice

Mothers will train children to be independent when they are still toddlers. One of the independent exercises aimed at children is eating alone.

Usually toddlers who eat alone will be messy. Talking about that, there is an interesting video of a toddler eating alone.

In a video recording uploaded to a slapstick Instagram social media account, it shows a toddler boy sitting on a special baby dining bench. The toddler was left to eat alone by the mother.

There was a bowl of food on the table in front of him. This toddler eats not using a spoon or fork but with his hands.

Indeed, if a toddler is told to eat alone, it will be messy. However, the messy eating done by the toddler seems different.

The toddler didn’t just make his food, which was rice splattered on the table and in his mouth. Instead, he made the white rice in the bowl fill his face.

This toddler rubs the palm of his hand which is used for eating to his face. As a result, rice sticks all over his face.

Even though the rice filled his face did not stop the toddler from eating. He even chewed the grains of rice that were on the edges of his mouth.

Full Face with Rice

This toddler’s face is full of rice. (Instagram / joke)

Mother and several people who saw the toddler’s face full of rice made them laugh out loud. Until this article was compiled, the viral video has received 8 million views on reels and 382.5 thousand likes.

The video of a toddler eating alone with a face full of rice caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses in the comments column. Not a few netizens were made to laugh at the toddler’s adorable action.

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There are netizens who say that this toddler’s face full of rice is like a cosplay, so a snack made of rice, namely rengginang.

“Hahahahahaa long life, sis, so that later I can see your behavior makes a lot of people laugh, including me, the reward is big,” said one netizen.

“Rice mask original from magic jar,” said another.

“Skincare from an early age,” say another.

“Just looking at rice in a child’s hand is sometimes emotional. This is all rice,” said another.

“Cosplay wants to be giddy,” other netizens comments.