August 18, 2022

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Tips on Public Speaking for an Introvert

Today many people misunderstand the term introvert. They consider introverts to be quiet, shy, and some even think that introverts are anti-social. All of these assumptions are wrong assumptions. An introvert is simply someone who is more comfortable when alone and they need more social energy when in a crowd.

Nowadays, public speaking is one of the skills that must be possessed by everyone, including introverts. An introvert can also become an expert in public speaking, but they also have to go through a long practice first.

Here are some tips for practicing public speaking for introverts.

1. Mastering the theme that will be delivered

The first thing to do when we start to practice public speaking is to master the theme. By properly understanding the theme that we will bring, we can be more free in expressing ourselves when we are performing in front of an audience. We can also minimize errors that may occur when we are performing.

2. Recognizing the Audience

Before appearing it would be better if we do research first about our audience. With this research, we can find out what we can do when we appear and what we can’t do. So that the material that we bring will be well received without offending the audience.

3. Practice in a quiet place

An introvert is indeed more comfortable in an atmosphere that tends to be lonely. Of course a quiet place really helps introverts in practicing their public speaking skills by finding a quiet place where you can focus more on practicing.

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4. Seek advice from the experts

Of course when we start our practice we can’t go straight without making mistakes. Of course we have mistakes in our practice process. It would be nice if we asked for advice and opinions from experts about what our shortcomings are in public speaking, and don’t forget to ask for advice so that our public speaking skills will be even better in the future.

5. Don’t put high expectations on yourself

At the time of starting the practice never put such high expectations on ourselves. If we have high expectations of ourselves then we will feel very hopeless if we can’t reach those expectations. But if we don’t have high expectations, we won’t feel hopeless if we fail. Instead, we will continue to be eager to improve and hone our skills.

Well, those are some tips for those of you who are introverts and want to become experts in public speaking. I hope these tips can be useful for you in the future.