August 8, 2022

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Thought his motorbike was lost, this man forgot to put it in until it was filled with grass

Forgetfulness is always present in everyone. So forgetful, one can even think the belongings are lost.

Recently, there has been a buzz on social media about a man who lost his motorbike but just forgot to put it on for 2 weeks. The video was uploaded by the daily Kopas Instagram social media account, Saturday (30/07/2022).

Viral video footage shows the process of evacuating a motorbike belonging to a middle-aged man wearing a gray long shirt. Three men helped to evacuate his motorbike.

It is known that the male owner forgot to put his motorbike. As a result, he thought that his motorbike had disappeared.

Moreover, within two weeks the man forgot to put his motorcycle. It turned out that the motorcycle belonging to the man in the gray shirt was not lost.

The man’s motorbike was found in the forest. The condition of the motorcycle was filled with grass.

The motorbike was then taken from the grass bushes there. The evacuation of the man’s motorbike was witnessed by local residents.

A woman recording the evacuation process asked the male motorcycle owner what he was doing in the forest.

However, the man who owned the motorcycle did not provide an explanation. This man only seemed happy and relieved when his motorbike was found and returned to him.

Motorcycle Found

The motorbike was found covered in grass. (Instagram/dailykopas)

It is known that the location of the incident in the video is in Cikidang, Sukabumi. By the time this article was compiled, the video had already garnered 4.1 thousand likes.

The video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses in the comments column.

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“Just wanted to ask, why did you park your motorbike in the bushes yesterday?” commented one netizen.

“Forgot to put the motorbike key, no. Forgot to put the motorbike, yes,” said another.

“Maybe there are a lot of problems so forget it,” another said.

Several netizens have experienced forgetting which happened almost the same as that man.

“My mother used to take the motorbike to the market home on foot,” netizen stories.

“So remember to go to the internet cafe with a motorbike, go home on foot,” another word.

“Similar to me, forgot where to put it in the hospital parking lot, until I was tired of looking for more than 2 hours of walking around,” added another.