October 1, 2022


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This Woman Tells She’s Pregnant Using Prank Endorse, Here’s The Father’s Reaction

When children are married, the next hope for parents is to be able to see them happy with their partners. There are also parents who expect the presence of grandchildren from their children.

Recently, the Dunia_kaumhawa social media account uploaded a touching video when a father found out his daughter was pregnant. Video footage shows a woman sitting with her father.

The woman wanted to surprise her beloved father. He will tell his father if he is pregnant.

The woman told her father in a prank endorsement of glasses.

“Said dad wants to endorse even though he wants to give a pregnancy test pack,” writing in the video as quoted by Yoursay.id, Saturday (11/06/2022).

He told his father that the wallet contained the glasses he was going to endorse. The father was seen smiling and laughing to endorse glasses.

“You can see, this has been prayed for,” said the woman.

“It must be cool. We’ll open it,” said the father, who was happy to be able to help his daughter endorse.

The father laughed seeing the test pack in the glasses wallet. Father is not aware that this test pack belongs to the daughter who is already pregnant.

Father then observed the results of the test pack carefully. He realized that his daughter had been blessed with a child.

Father’s Reaction

Father wept. (Instagram/world_youth)

My father cried with emotion knowing he was going to be a grandfather. The father then hugged his daughter while shedding happy tears. His son-in-law also followed there, they then embraced in happiness.

Warganet is touched by the moment when the father cries that he will have a grandson from the daughter. Netizens were also happy to see this touching moment and at the same time made them miss their late father.

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“I’m touched to see that his father is healthy, sir,” the response of one netizen.

“So touched, miss my late father,” added another.

“So touched, happy too. I hope you are always healthy and your family is always in the protection of Allah,” other comments.

“If there’s a video like this, you have to make it up to remember your late father,” another word.

“Oh God, I’m happy to see it. Hopefully I will also be given offspring soon, amen. So I miss my late father,” another netizen said.