December 6, 2022

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This Woman Shares The Experience Of Riding A Sleeper Bus, The Facilities Are Unexpected

The mode of public transportation is now more modern. It’s no wonder that many people are interested in riding, let alone the facilities that make it comfortable.

The mode of public transportation that must be tried with complete facilities is the sleeper bus. A woman shared her pleasant experience riding a sleeper bus bound for Semarang-Jakarta for the first time.

This woman uploaded a story about her experience on Disa Agelien’s TikTok account and reposted it by the kepoin_trending Instagram account.

“First time trying Sleeper Bus Semarang-Jakarta,” written in the video as quoted by, Friday (24/06/2022).

When you get on the bus, the atmosphere is different. If the usual bus contains a passenger seat.

Inside the right and left sleeper buses, there is a small room for passenger beds. The sleeper room has two parts, namely up and down.

Before entering the sleeper room, passengers must remove their footwear. There is a shelf for storing footwear. Trash cans are also provided along the hallway of the sleeper room.

This woman then entered the sleeper room which already had a thick blanket and pillow. Each sleeper room is equipped with a power outlet to charge the passenger’s cellphone.

Sleeper Bus Facilities

Sleeper bus facilities. (Instagram/ trending points)

Each passenger will be given two kinds of snacks and a bottle of mineral water before the journey begins. If the passenger feels his body aches, he can do a massage just by pressing the circular button near the socket.

The original video uploaded by the woman has gone viral and has been viewed 25.8 million times. The post on the kepoin_trending Instagram account about the video reaped various responses from netizens who watched it.

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“That’s really cool, my boarding house is just not complete,” said one netizen.

“This is just an innovation to increase the quality and interest in riding buses that had died due to the covid outbreak,” added another.

“I want to try it but I’m afraid that the nature of the wake will be different,” other comments.

“If you go to Sumatra the bus is like this, it’s good, right?” another response.

“The DoubleDecker bus for the Banda Aceh-Medan route is also quite luxurious. If I’m not mistaken, it has been around since 2016,” another netizen said.