August 8, 2022

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This Woman Intentions to Buy Food on the Side of the Road, Even Gets Mentally First

Food sold by street vendors on the side of the road is people’s choice for culinary. Besides being delicious and cheap, it is usually intended to help small traders.

However, this woman actually refrained from buying food on the side of the road because she was hit mentally first from the seller. The woman shared her experience through a video on her personal TikTok account, saripahsyahrida, which was re-uploaded to the Dunia_kaumhawa Instagram account.

“I want to buy but I have to be mentally the same as the one who sells it,” the woman wrote in her video as quoted by, Saturday (06/08/2022).

The video was taken by this woman while riding a motorcycle. He passed on a road where many street vendors lined up selling their goods.

There are various kinds of sales from traders on the side of the road. Most of them sell food.

The woman initially wanted to buy food there but refused. He felt that he had been hit mentally before going down to buy food at this street vendor.

This is presumably because the traders who are on the roadside there mostly sell using cars. The type of car used by each trader is different.

However, surely the car that roadside traders use to sell is the output of the young year. It seems that these traders do not want to miss the opportunity.

Got Mentally First Because of this

Traders on the side of the road that are met on average all use cars. (Instagram/world_youth)

Taking advantage of the consumptive nature of our society who likes to eat snacks and take advantage of idle cars at home to make money. Roadside traders who use cars for sales generally make use of the trunk section.

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Just a few hours of uploading, this video has already gotten 47.5 thousand views on the reels. The video of a woman being mentally disturbed by a trafficker on the side of the road selling using a car has attracted the attention of netizens.

As a result, the comments column for the video upload was flooded with various responses from netizens.

“If you don’t use it to sell the car, how do you want to pay the installments, keep the spirit,” commented one netizen.

“Good, it means they are not prestige, good,” said another.

“The sign is that even though you are rich, you still trade,” other opinion.

“Help them pay for their car installments, those who buy them ride motorbikes who have not been changing for 7 years,” said another.

“I want to buy it because I feel sorry, I don’t want to be even more sorry for myself,” other netizens’ comments.