December 1, 2022

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This Viral Man Gets a Luxury Blood Donation Gift Like a Door Prize

The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) as a humanitarian organization that invites people to donate blood. The availability of blood maintained by PMI through community donations can help save the lives of many people.

Talking about blood donation, there is an interesting story that has gone viral on social media Twitter. The interesting story is about a luxurious gift that a man receives from a blood donor.

The man’s nephew posted the story on the FOODFESS2 Twitter account.

“Fess is a blood donation gift that my uncle got,” caption for the tweet of a photo of a blood donation package as quoted by, Wednesday (24/8/2022).

It is known that the uncle from the sender had just donated blood to PMI, Tuesday (16/8/2022). Uncle sender gets a gift of blood donation that is not as usual.

Usually PMI only provides snacks to blood donors. However, this time PMI provides snacks plus a smartwatch.

The snacks provided included one big box of cereal, one big city of white milk, one pack of dry bread, and one box of green bean drink. Meanwhile, the smartwatch gift that Om sender got is still in the box.

Blood donation gifts. (Twitter/FOODFESS2)

The smartwatch is black with an elegant design. Of course, the gift of blood donation is not wrong if it is said to be luxurious.

A gift containing a variety of snacks as well as an expensive smartwatch. So far, the blood donor’s luxury gift tweet has received 10.7 thousand likes and 347 retweets.

This tweet attracted the attention of netizens to write various responses in the comments column.

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“That’s cool, there’s nothing like this in Semarang yet, but when there is an event, they often give out a lot of basic necessities,” response of one netizen.

“What a luxurious gift, wow, it’s like winning a door prize,” said another.

“I’m diligent in donating blood, it seems I’ve never gotten that much and that expensive, wow,” another said.

“It’s really luxurious in this new age to see people being given smartwatches from Dondar, usually pop noodles and just cakes,” other netizens’ comments.

Unfortunately, it is not known where the location of the blood donor with gifts of luxury snacks and smartwatches is. Many netizens want the location to be spilled by the sender because they want to donate blood there hoping to get this luxurious gift.