August 8, 2022

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This traditional market is guaranteed to make shopping comfortable, has a beautiful and charming view

Until now, traditional markets still exist in the community. Traditional markets are an option for some people to shop.

If you hear traditional markets are synonymous with slums. However, not with the traditional Kejajar market, Wonosobo. Through his TikTok social media account okyarisandireal shared the appearance of Kejajar Market, Wonosobo which has a beautiful view.

“Indonesia ID (heart emoji)” wrote the uploader as a video description as quoted by, Saturday (25/6/2022).

The short video recording shows the atmosphere of Kejajar Market, Wonosobo, which is currently having buying and selling activities. When shopping at Kejajar Market, you will be spoiled with views of the green mountain behind it.

The towering green mountains with blue clouds are very beautiful. Mothers who shop at Kejajar Market, Wonosobo will definitely feel at home.

Moreover, the market is very clean and tidy. Buyers do not need to be uncomfortable and will be comfortable when shopping with the conditions of the Kejajar Market.

The vegetables sold in the market are also fresh looking freshly picked from the garden. In addition, the location of Kejajar Market, Wonosobo is close to the highway so it is easily accessible.

“Clean and friendly traders, a market with a great view,” said the video uploader.

Beautiful View and Clean

Kejajar Market, Wonosobo. (TikTok/okyarisandireal)

Until this article was compiled, the video of the appearance of Kejajar Market, Wonosobo which has a beautiful and charming view has been watched 1.1 million times. The video attracted the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses in the comments column.

Not a few netizens are amazed by the Kejajar Market, Wonosobo which has a beautiful view and clean environment. One netizen even thought that the market with a beautiful view was overseas.

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“Environmental cleanliness comes from citizen awareness,” the response of one netizen.

“Wonosobo is always cool, for some reason I like this city the most,” said another.

“Wonosobo often appears on my fyp and is always amazed by the atmosphere and beauty. I guess I’ll have to go there later,” said another.

“Look at the view while listening to the sound, it feels really cool,” said another.

“Think about it in China or Japan, it’s cool, the market is clean and beautiful,” another netizen said.