December 6, 2022

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This Student Wears Simple Clothes in Lecture, Reaps Positive Public Response

It is undeniable that the existence of fast fashion now makes young people always look up to follow the trend. Young people want to look fashionable at every opportunity, including college.

However, not all young people are vying to have a contemporary look at college. Same with this student chose to appear simple.

In a video uploaded to the Instgram social media account, noble.receh shows a student studying in simple clothes.

“Do you still have unique college friends like this, don’t you in 2022? Salute to the way you look,” writing in the video as quoted by, Saturday (18/6/2022).

Video footage shows a student sitting in the front seat. This student can be said to wear simple clothes.

He wore a blue and gray patterned shirt, gray pants, and a knitted cap. The clothes he wears when compared to other student friends can be said to be different.

Maybe other students follow today’s fashion trends. Meanwhile, she chose to wear simple clothes that were comfortable for her.

It is rare for students today who look simple and straightforward like him. Friends who recorded the video were also applauded by its simplicity.

Reap the Public’s Positive Response

This student wears simple clothes. (Instagram/nobility.receh)

Until this article was compiled, the video has already received 726 thousand views on the reels and 56.3 thousand likes. The video attracted attention and received a positive response from the public.

Not a few who salute the student looks simple. The public said that the student prioritized his intention to study in college rather than worrying about the clothes he was wearing.

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“It’s just nice to see him and salute, for what he is as comfortable as he is,” wrote one netizen.

“Things like this are usually successful people, college is not for fashion but for studying,” added another.

“Lectures are for seeking knowledge, not for fashion,” continued another netizen.

“Lecture is not a place to show off outfits, mangatts,” said another.

“I salute you bro, it’s better to appear as you are than to appear luxurious but add to your parents’ thoughts,” another netizen said.