August 18, 2022

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This Pregnant Woman Hobby of Snacking on Raw Rice Makes Netizens Surprised: ‘Is it delicious?’

When a woman is pregnant there will usually be changes in them. Changes in physical terms, especially even habits.

Sometimes the new habits of pregnant women can be said to be strange for people in general. Recently, a video of a pregnant woman who likes to snack on raw rice has gone viral on social media.

The pregnant woman shared her eccentric habit through a video on her TikTok which was re-uploaded by the mstaronlineofficial Instagram account.

“Pov: you’re pregnant,” written in the video as quoted by, Thursday (04/08/2022).

The woman showed her hobby of snacking on raw rice while pregnant now. First, he took a pinch of raw rice from the package.

The raw rice he will eat is white rice. This pregnant woman then took a small filter device.

He used the small filter to wash the raw rice. He washed his raw rice using running water on the tap.

After washing, this pregnant woman immediately feeds raw rice into her mouth with her hands. He was so hungry to eat the raw rice.

Side Effects of Eating Raw Rice

This pregnant woman likes to snack on raw rice. (Instagram/mstaronlineofficial)

According to the pregnant woman, the taste of raw rice was good so she gave it a thumbs up. Netizens who watched the video of this pregnant woman eating raw rice were surprised.

“This is what this pregnant person is. As long as it’s not haram, it’s okay to eat it, right?” a netizen commented.

“I’ll go for a stomach scan, there’s rice,” said another.

“Is it good to eat rice?” said another.

“If you have cravings, you should never be arrested,” another netizen said.

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Several netizens said that both themselves and people they know are pregnant, while others like to eat raw rice. Quoting from, according to Todar’s Online Bacteriology Text book quoted from, Bacillus cereus is a type of bacteria that causes food poisoning.

Bacillus cereus bacteria are usually found in a variety of foods, including raw rice with different strains associated with a number of benefits and side effects.

According to Australian and New Zealand Food Standards, the bacillus cereus bacteria in raw rice can produce toxins that cause vomiting and nausea within 24 hours.