August 8, 2022

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This mother was pickpocketed and even laughed out loud, apparently the contents of her bag of sacred goods

Losing things that were taken forcibly by others is certainly sad. However, people who pickpockets and lose their belongings are not always sad.

This mother actually laughed out loud after being pickpocketed because of the contents of the bag where her sacred item was stolen. The moment was uploaded by the dailykopas Instagram social media account.

Video footage shows an elderly mother sitting. The mother was apparently being interrogated by a woman who was thought to be the child.

The woman asked what items were lost and picked up by pickpockets. The mother laughed out loud instead of sad to answer her son’s question.

“You’re welcome, let’s pickpocket, miss, ma’am (you just got pickpocketed, what’s missing, ma’am)” the woman asked.

“Katok (pants),” replied the mother immediately accompanied by laughing out loud.

Likewise with the woman who also laughed out loud.

“Karo opo (with what)” he said.

“Sego wrap (rice wrap)” said the mother could not help laughing.

It turned out that the contents of this mother’s bag that the pickpocket took contained only her underwear and wrapped rice. The mother and the woman said that the pickpocket must have taken the bag.

It turns out that the contents of the Sacred Goods Bag

The contents of the pickpocketed bag. (Instagram/dailykopas)

“This mother was pickpocketed but made me laugh because the contents of the bag were CDs plus wrapped rice,” written in the video as quoted by, Saturday (02/07/2022).

It’s only been a few hours since this video was uploaded and it has already gotten 4.3 thousand likes. The comments column for the video upload immediately received various responses from netizens.

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Not a few netizens were made to laugh with the funny pickpocket incident that happened to this mother. There are also those who say that the pickpocket is okay because they still get rice wraps.

“I also laughed, ma’am, the pickpocket must also be happy,” commented one netizen.

“Just when I’m really hungry, said the pickpocket,” said another.

“His mother puts me in a very good mood,” another said.

“At least, there is a CD that can be used to listen to songs and rice to fill the stomach,” other words.

“Wow, it’s really good that the pickpocket got the loot of a priceless treasure,” another netizen said.