May 30, 2023

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This Mother Annoyed Neighbors Presumptively Cut Her Daughter’s Hair, Immediately Gives A Warning: Who Ordered?

Hair becomes an important crown for someone to support appearance. Usually mothers who have daughters are very happy to take care of their daughter’s hair.

However, if the princess’s hair was cut without permission by someone else the mother would be upset. This is what happened to a mother who owns a TikTok account, monikasabrina17.

Quoted from the Instagram account showing a video of a mother reprimanding a neighbor who was presumptuous of cutting her daughter’s hair.

“What’s the matter with Oma (cutting her daughter’s hair). What are you doing to break it like this, playing with it, let’s get it first,” said the mother in an angry tone as quoted by, Tuesday (25/10/2022).

“Sorry, sorry,” said the neighbor who cut the princess’s hair.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, who asked?” said the mother.

Neighbors kept apologizing for being presumptuous of cutting this mother’s daughter’s hair. However, the mother was still annoyed that the neighbor without permission cut her daughter’s hair short.

He asked his neighbor to imagine the attitude of the mother of her grandson when the child’s hair was cut without permission by someone else. He was so upset that he even wanted to cut the hair of his neighbour’s grandson.

However, it did not happen because the grandson of his neighbor was not at home. The sister of this girl was also annoyed with her neighbor who had cut her sister’s hair.

“I swear I’m really annoyed, hurt. I want to cry a lot (crying emoji). When I saw my sister’s hair was cut carelessly, “said the sister of the girl.

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The reason the neighbors cut the girl’s hair was because she loved her.

“Yes, because it’s so sad,” said the neighbor.

The girl is known to have gone to a neighbor’s house who cut her hair. He was offered by a neighbor to have his hair cut, but had refused and was still forced to.

“Because oma said you don’t have to. Qima teh wants to run but the fence is closed,” said the girl.

In the video, the condition of the girl’s hair was previously long without bangs. After being cut by a neighbor, her hair became short and bangs.

This girl admitted that since her neighbor had her hair cut when she was at school, she was bullied by her friends.

“Then he said he was being bullied by his friends. He said it looked like a squid game doll, he just said it was tied with 2 tags,” the video says.

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