December 1, 2022

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This man is enjoying eating at warteg even gets scolded by a female singer

When eating at warteg, buskers often come in to ask for donations. Usually buskers will sing a song before asking for donations to the owner or warteg visitors.

However, this man eating at a warteg got scolded by a female busker. The video showing the moment the man was scolded by the female busker was re-uploaded by the Instagram account detik.indo.

The short video footage shows a man eating at a simple warteg. He recorded the atmosphere when he ate at this warteg.

There was a female busker who stood in front of the warteg window singing. The man wearing a T-shirt, turned to the female buskers.

Coincidentally, female buskers also turned to look at him at the same time. The man without saying a word waved his hand to give a sign of refusal towards the female buskers.

However, the female buskers got emotional because of this man’s attitude. The female busker immediately scolded the man who was eating it.

“What is my item? Do you have a mouth guard, mas. I know you’re handsome but gob**,” cursed the female busker while pointing at the man who was eating.

Got scolded by a female singer

The man who was eating at the warteg got scolded and cursed by the female busker.

This man just waved again to give a second sign of refusal. The female busker while leaving the warteg continued to scold the man.

This man was silent even though he was scolded and even cursed by the female busker. Someone behind the man gave an opinion about the female busker.

It is suspected that the person informed that the female busker seemed to be wrong because of nagging and cursing for no apparent reason. The man who was scolded and cursed by the female buskers just smiled.

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This viral video immediately reaped various comments from netizens who watched it.

“He always eats anyway.” netizen comments.

“My boy is silent, he’s still wrong,” said another.

“Slandered profit kerekam,” other opinion.

“The mas should have said: Yes, I’m listening to Siko for the duo,” other netizens’ comments.