December 1, 2022

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This is what the inside of a thin house looks like, has a complete room, are you interested in living here?

If the modern house model is built with a minimalist concept, namely in a narrow area by arranging to make it look broad. However, there are also houses that are narrower than houses with a minimalist concept.

Although the land owned is wide, the house that is built is actually very thin or very narrow. The video of the appearance of the thin house was shared by dr.herp’s Instagram account from the TikTok upload __c_h_a_r_l_y__.

“Interested in living here?” description of the video upload as quoted by, Sunday (25/09/2022).

The video footage this time will focus more on the inside of the thin house. Although the house is thin, it has a complete room.

When you enter the left, you can immediately see the dining room which is also used for the living room. There was a table and chairs in the room.

Enter to the right through the living room which is filled with sofas and bookshelves that have to go sideways. Because, if you don’t go sideways, you won’t be able to enter.

The next room is a small kitchen with complete contents such as cooking utensils, electric stove, cupboard, and sink. Furthermore, there is a bathroom next to the toilet.

This thin house also has one bedroom complete with a mattress. The thing that distinguishes the thin house from the house in general is seen from the furniture.

Thin House Interior

The inside view of the house is thin. (Instagram/ dr.herp)

The thin house uses home furnishings with a size that is also thin to fit the room. The shape of the room is also thin extending to the back.

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When viewed from this video, the thin house is about one meter in size. Because, the door that is the size of the width of the house can only be passed by one person.

Unfortunately, it is not known where the exact location of the thin house with complete rooms is. This thin house video immediately attracted the attention of netizens to write comments.

“Real minimalist house” netizen comments.

“Mr. Gepeng’s house,” said another.

“Go in there and ask the BB first (laughing emoji),” said another.

“The house is compressed into RAR,” other netizens’ comments.

If you were given a thin house like this, would you be interested in living here?