August 8, 2022

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This is the reaction of TWICE members when they know Nayeon will debut solo

TWICE’s Nayeon just made her solo debut through the first mini album titled ‘IM NAYEON’ on June 24, 2022. Summarize from Koreaboo on Sunday (26/6/2022), Nayeon successfully performed the title track ‘POP’ in a cheerful and aesthetic style, perfect for welcoming this summer.

In an interview with the magazine VultureNayeon shared the reactions of the TWICE members when they heard the news that she would be making a solo debut.

Nayeon said the TWICE members did not determine who would make their solo debut first. He revealed, “I don’t know the exact reason why the company chose me as the first member to make a solo debut.”

Even though Nayeon is the first TWICE member to make a solo debut, she assured fans that the other members will also make solo debuts like her.

Nayeon also shared how the TWICE members reacted when she said that she would be making a solo debut.

“Even though I was given the opportunity to debut first, I believe there will be many opportunities for the other members to show their individual abilities as solo artists,” said Nayeon.

TWICE members have a close relationship, that’s why they consider Nayeon’s solo debut not only an individual achievement for Nayeon, but a new achievement for TWICE as a group.

“When the TWICE members heard the news of my solo debut, they all congratulated me as excitedly as hearing the news our group would make a comeback. They put their trust in me, and were happy for me,” said Nayeon.

Debuting together, growing together, struggling together, and achieving success together as a group, of course, the TWICE members have a very close relationship and support each other.

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Since JYP Entertainment announced the solo and sub-unit activities that TWICE will start doing, this is of course a challenge and a new thing in their career as an idol group.

Nayeon has successfully proved that both solo and group activities with TWICE, they still receive a lot of support from fans who will wholeheartedly support all members’ activities.