August 8, 2022

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This Groom Says Ijab Qabul, the ending makes the invited guests laugh

The sacred moment in marriage is when the consent qobul. The moment of ijab qobul spoken by the groom to legally bind his future wife.

When the moment of Ijab qobol sometimes unexpected incidents can occur. The same thing happened to the groom, who ended up saying the qabul consent and actually made the invited guests laugh out loud.

The moment was immortalized in a short video that went viral and was re-uploaded to Hailotim’s Instagram social media account. The incident where the groom said the consent qobul with a loud ending was located in East Lombok.

“Laughs! The bride and groom are legal! What happened in Lotim,” writing in the video as quoted by, Saturday (06/08/2022).

Video footage shows the atmosphere of the ijab qobul of the bride and groom who have been wearing matching white clothes. The Ijab Qabul ceremony was held on the terrace of the house of the bride and groom.

Ijab qobul witnessed by neighbors and relatives who were present there. The groom who sits side by side with the bride pronounces the consent qobul.

Initially the groom was fluent when he said the consent qobul.

“I accept Nur Hasanah’s marriage with a dowry of five hundred thousand rupiah, paid in cash,” he said smoothly.

Continuing the Sentence of the Penghulu Section

The groom even said the sentence that should be said by the penghulu. (Instagram/hailotim)

However, the groom who looked excited was blatantly saying the consent qobul. Instead, he continued the sentence that should have been said by the prince who married him.

“What about the witnesses?” continued the groom.

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The invited guests who came were made to laugh out loud. Likewise with the groom who realized he was wrong in pronouncing the consent qabul.

Until this article was compiled, the video has received 107 thousand views on Instagram reels and 3.6 thousand likes. The comment column for the video uploading the funny moment of the qabul ijab garnered various responses from netizens.

“Why do you force the bride to ask for witnesses,” a netizen commented.

“It’s funny that the headmaster should say something like that,” said another.

“Want to be a husband as well as a leader,” another said.

“The bride and groom act as the head of the village,” added another.

“Is it legal, I want to laugh but I’m afraid it’s not legal,” another netizen said.