December 2, 2022

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This Fried Chicken Shop Menu List Makes My Head Shake: ‘The Most Chicken’

Fried chicken shops can be easily found anywhere. Usually the shop besides selling fried chicken, there are also several other fried side dishes.

The list of menus for sale is written in a banner on the cart. Recently, social media was shocked by the menu list from a fried chicken shop that made me shake my head.

The menu list from the fried chicken shop was uploaded by the Instagram social media account

“The most chicken,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Wednesday (15/06/2022).

This post shows a photo of a cart belonging to a fried chicken shop. The cart is divided into two, the top is a glass display case and the bottom is covered with a banner about the shop.

Fried chicken and other cooked side dishes are placed in the cart window. At the bottom of the cart on the side, there is a list of the menus sold by this shop.

The shop’s menu lists generally include chicken, catfish, tofu, tempeh, and others. It’s just that the addition of the word ‘chicken’ in each menu makes a misunderstanding.

“Chicken Chicken, Catfish Chicken, Tofu Chicken, Tempe Chicken, Chicken Sausage, Chicken Otak-Otak, Chicken intestine,” menu list in banner.

Even though the meaning of the word ‘chicken’ is chicken. So if the menu is ‘Ayam Chicken’, it is translated into Indonesian as ‘Ayam Ayam’.

The ‘Lele Chicken’ menu in Indonesian becomes ‘Lele Chicken’. Likewise with the other menus.

The Most Chicken

Menu list at the fried chicken shop. (Instagram/

The comments column for this upload was immediately attacked by various responses from netizens.

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“All chickens,” said one netizen.

“I used to think that all chicken was stuffed in kindergarten,” other comments.

“Nephew, when asked what he wants to eat, the answer is chicken,” said another.

“Due to learning English 24 hours,” another netizen said.

Some netizens think that maybe what is meant is not adding the word ‘Chicken’ on the back but ‘Crispy’

“Crispy Mr. Crispy,” netizen’s opinion.

“Maybe he meant crispy, huh?” added another.

“Maybe it means the chicken is fried in flour or crispy,” other netizens’ comments.

Until this article was compiled, the upload had already received 121 thousand likes.