August 18, 2022

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This Buyer Shocked The Arem-arem Snacks He Purchased Contains Sharp Objects: Horrible

Traditional Indonesian snacks are indeed the best to pamper the tongue. As is known, traditional Indonesian snacks have various types with delicious flavors.

One of the traditional snacks that many people like is arem-arem. Talking about arem-arem, there is a video going viral on social media about it.

The viral video was re-uploaded by the dailykopas Instagram social media account.

“New flavor variant” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Tuesday (28/06/2022).

Video footage shows a pack of arem-arem that has been opened. Arem-arem are medium in size.

In general, arem-arem contains vegetables or tempeh orek. These arem-arem actually contain sharp objects, namely the contents of staples.

Not just one small jar of contents. However, what was inside the arem-arem was a large stick of staples.

The buyer was immediately shocked because he had bitten it once. Fortunately, the contents of the staples were not swallowed.

Otherwise it will be dangerous for the buyer’s health. He was so shocked that he wondered in his heart, “what is this life problem that makes it?”

There are Staples Inside Arem-arem

There are staples inside the arem-arem. (Instagram/dailykopas)

Until this article was compiled, the video has already received 285 views on the reels and 5.8 thousand likes. The video of arem-arem with the contents of staples caught the attention of netizens who were watching.

Not a few netizens are made to be afraid of themselves.

“It’s terrible,” commented one netizen.

“Oh my god it’s so scary” added another.

“I don’t want to eat snacks anymore,” said another.

Some netizens tried to guess the contents of the staples could enter the arem-arem. There are those who guessed if the maker was intentional and others said that they accidentally inserted the contents of the staples into the arem-arem.

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“Maybe it’s the child who makes it bouncing just for fun, inserts staples and then puts the arem-are merchandise, and the kid thinks it’s funny?” netizen’s response.

“In my opinion, it was intentionally put inside, and the dough was a little bit if it didn’t fit on the inside,” another opinion.

“If my suudzon is the one for the employees, then there are problems with the owner,” another netizen said.