December 6, 2022

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This Boy’s Emotions Trampled His Cellphone Allegedly Lost Playing Game: Broken Whining

Games are entertainment for some people who like it, not to mention small children. Sometimes people who lose playing games get emotional on their own.

There are those whose emotions are just talking, some are venting on the objects around them. The sulthanreceh Instagram social media account uploaded a video of a boy trampling his cellphone, allegedly because he lost playing a game.

The short video shows a boy standing on a bed. The boy looked emotional.

He stepped on his own cellphone which was on the bed. The cellphone was stepped on while it was charging.

The boy’s cellphone screen also lights up. He energetically stepped on his cell phone with emotion several times.

He stepped directly on the part of his cellphone screen that was lit up. The cellphone screen that he stepped on several times seemed to change its appearance.

Even though the boy stepped on it several times, his cellphone was still on. When he was satisfied trampling on his cellphone, the boy sat down.

Netizens Response

This Boy Tramples His Hp. (Instagram/ sulthanreceh)

He then put the cellphone back on by opening the desired application. He used the cellphone he just stepped on with the other phone.

The viral video of a boy stepping on a cellphone allegedly because he lost playing this game has received 354 thousand views on reels and 15.4 thousand likes. The video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write their responses in the comments column.

Not a few netizens regretted the action of the boy trampling on his cellphone for any reason.

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“I know a lot of children whose ideas don’t come to fruition, they don’t know how hard it is for their parents to find money,” commented one netizen.

“This child is indeed wrong, but why didn’t the video forbid this child,” added another.

“It’s bad, since I was little I wasn’t taught how to appreciate things,” said another.

Some netizens think that this boy will whine if he finds out that his cellphone is damaged after being trampled on like that.

“Break your whining sis,” said netizens.

“When it’s broken, you guys cry, just like me. Auto repent doesn’t want to break anymore,” another response.