September 27, 2022

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These are 6 reasons why reading habits are important even though you are busy

With the development of the digital era like now, maybe reading books is rarely done. Usually people prefer to access short articles rather than reading the whole book. Even though information can now be obtained instantly, you should still make it a habit to read books.

There are many benefits that you will get from the habit of reading books. Like what? Let’s see!

1. So ‘exercise’ for the brain

As is known, the body will be healthy if you regularly exercise and move a lot. The brain also needs active movement too, you know. How to do? One of them is reading a book. Reading makes your brain think and analyze, and it makes the brain active so that the brain stays fit.

2. Suppress stress

The various problems that you are facing often make your mind confused. Instead of being at home just worrying all the time, reading can be used as an alternative as a distraction.

When you are engrossed in enjoying a story from a reading book, your brain becomes more relaxed and doesn’t think about the problem earlier. This can reduce stress levels, you know.

3. Increase knowledge

Well, if this is it, don’t doubt it. Through the habit of reading automatically your knowledge can increase. Among the advantages, can add skills so that you continue to grow and keep up with changes.

4. Makes you wiser

Another benefit of the habit of reading books, which can encourage you to be wiser. How come? From bringing you can understand various points of view because your insight has grown. It allows you to see things as a whole, and not to be narrow-minded.

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5. Adding vocabulary

Are you a writer by profession? Well, one of the advantages of reading books often is that you can increase your vocabulary, you know. This can be very useful when writing, so that the words you choose can be more varied.

6. Can improve concentration

In order to understand what is informed in a book, you have to focus. This can improve your ability to concentrate. Because I’m used to reading books!

Well, those are some reasons why you should allocate time to read books even though you are busy. Lots of benefits!