May 30, 2023

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These are 5 Bad Effects of Eating Too Fast, Can Cause Diabetes!

Think about it, have you been included all this time? fast eaters or slow eater while eating? If included fast eaters, Be careful, ok! Because there is a danger that is stalking your health in the future.

Yes, the habit of eating too fast can have a negative impact on the health of the body. People who eat too fast usually don’t chew and swallow food properly.

When it’s eating, at least people need about 20 minutes. If you eat too hastily, the brain can be overwhelmed to catch the satiety signal sent by the stomach.

According to Bethany Doerfler, MS, RDN, a researcher from Northwestern Medicine Digestive Health Center, eating too fast will make you swallow more air. This condition can make the stomach feel bloated because of excess gas in it.

In addition, in the long run this habit will also bring various health risks. Summarized from the page Cleaneatingmag.comthere are 5 bad effects that will affect a person’s health when they eat too fast.

When you were kids, your parents must have always advised you to always eat slowly and chew carefully, so you don’t choke.

This advice is very true, because people who eat too fast will easily choke. This condition arises because you don’t chew and swallow food properly.

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Therefore, when you are eating, be sure to fully chew the food that enters your mouth before swallowing it.

A study conducted in Korea which followed about 10,000 patients who underwent endoscopy showed that doctors found signs of gastritis in the patient’s stomach.

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Some patients who experience this condition admit that all this time they are fast eatersi.e. people who eat in less than 20 minute periods.

Eating too fast can increase the risk of obesity or being overweight. This is because they don’t chew food properly and the speed of eating is not as recommended.

When you eat too fast, the role of hormones that send satiety signals will be disrupted, so you will constantly feel hungry.

As a result, you will eat again and again until you feel full. Even though this behavior will increase the calories in the body, so inevitably you will gain weight.

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Diabetes is a disease caused by high levels of sugar in a person’s body. Although the habit of eating in a hurry does not have a direct effect on the body.

However, if these habits are not changed immediately, then your chances of contracting this disease can be even greater.

This is supported by a study which reports that these eating habits can increase health risks where a person’s body will experience insulin resistance.

Where if that condition has occurred, then the body cannot optimize insulin function effectively. Meanwhile, if insulin performance is disrupted, this condition can lead you to diabetes.

Metabolic syndrome is an advanced condition that increases the risk of suffering from heart disease and stroke later in life. A study states that people who are included fast eaters have a higher risk of suffering from this syndrome than those who eat at a slower tempo.

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Meanwhile, to change this habit, you must immediately get used to a number of ways, for example, spending about 20 minutes at each meal and always chewing food optimally so that it can be swallowed perfectly.

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