October 1, 2022


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These are 3 Unique Psychological Terms You Should Know!

Humans are creatures with various types of emotions. Either in the form of sadness, joy, fear, anger, disgust and so on. Along with the development of science, unique terms began to appear and can be accessed easily by anyone. The term can describe how people behave today or describe feelings that were difficult to explain before. What are these terms?

Quoted from the Instagram page psycircle.idHere are 3 unique psychological terms that may relate to the current human situation:

1. The Munchausen Syndrome

Hey, which of you has ever pretended to be sick to skip school? Do you know what is the correct term for this phenomenon? Yep, The Munchausen Syndrome.

This term means a behavior of falsifying symptoms or complaints of illness experienced alias making up symptoms that are not actually felt, this behavior aims to get attention, sympathy, handling, compassion and comfort that comes from medical staff or other closest people.

Symptoms of people experiencing this syndrome include:

  1. Feeling unrelated symptoms
  2. No significant disease disorders were found even though they had gone through an intense examination
  3. Usually people with this syndrome strictly forbid doctors to talk to family, friends or other doctors about their ‘disease’
  4. Having an identity crisis

People with these symptoms should immediately be seen with a psychologist/psychiatrist so that appropriate action is taken to change their behavior. This can be in the form of counseling or psychotherapy which can be passed in several stages.

Remember, guys, it’s strictly forbidden to do self-diagnosis! Because the symptoms that appear in this syndrome of course vary.

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2. Bandwagon Effect

This phenomenon refers to the behavior of someone who really likes to trend. For example, when you encounter a viral product on a social media platform, you will be compelled to buy it even though the item is not actually needed. This habit can trigger a person to make the wrong decision.

The factors that influence the bandwagon effect consist of group thinking (which can depend on how much support and pressure there is if you don’t follow the trend), the desire to be right and acceptable, and the desire not to be ostracized by others because they are considered not following the trend.

The negative effects that can be caused by the bandwagon effect include:

  1. Influence the rational mind because all things will be based on emotional thinking before making a decision
  2. Reckless conclusions without thinking about the long-term impact or not cross-checking the pros and cons of a trend

3. Cute Aggression

Have you ever felt exasperated when you saw a cute kitten with thick fur and was compelled to squeeze or pinch it? This is called cute aggression.

This aggression is triggered by something cute. This aggression encourages a person to squeeze, bite, pinch an object without intending to hurt the adorable object.

The cute aggression factor arises because the dhimorph’s emotional expression or behavior produces a response that is opposite to the emotion felt, for example the feeling of pleasure that should have arisen when seeing the cute cat was reacted with the desire to squeeze and bite. The second factor is a form of coping mechanism, which is a person’s efforts to compensate for strong positive emotions when faced with something cute.

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Those are 3 psychological terms that can describe a person’s behavior or even your own feelings.