October 6, 2022


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These 5 Types of Questions Are Suitable for Strengthening Your Closeness with Doi

Questions that often arise when approaching such as:

“What are you doing?”


“Have you eaten?”


“Do you like to eat rocks?”


Do you often get annoyed when PDKT often runs out of topics to chat with your crush? Or do you always reply to short messages so that you become excited? Such an experience is quite draining the energy and thoughts of the parties concerned because they often run out of quality chat materials that can provoke long conversations.

Our homework here is how to pique their interest in something so that quality conversation material emerges. Think about how to avoid getting caught up in repetitive conversations like the example above. You can start by thinking about what you want to know from your partner and bring it into a more serious conversation.

To bring out a new bond from a long-lasting relationship, you can ask the following questions to get a long answer!

1. Sample Questions To Get To Know It Deeper

  • When you are alone, do you prefer to be accompanied by someone to be happy or to be left alone until you calm down?
  • If you’re not working (you can change to school/college), what do you like to do to fill your spare time?
  • Have you ever found something about yourself that other people misunderstood?
  • Do you like talking to strangers? Or will you avoid it at all costs?
  • How often do you exercise?

2. Sample Questions to Get Closer to Doi

  • When you could live anywhere, where would you like to live? Why there?
  • What makes you always happy?
  • Have you ever crushed a celebrity or artist as a child? Who is it?
  • Which movie or cartoon character do you like the most?
  • What is your coolest trip/travel in your life?
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3. Sample Questions To Dissect Him Individually

  • What’s your love language?
  • What do you think about marriage?
  • What motivates you in your career?
  • How important is money to you?
  • Fir what is your impression of me?

4. Sample Questions to Improve Relationships

  • What did you miss the most when you were a child?
  • Tell us about your relationship issues and how you fixed them…
  • If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to the younger version of you?
  • Tell me, whatever happened this week that you are very grateful for…
  • What’s your favorite memory of us? Tell me the details…

5. Sample Questions to Strengthen Relationships

  • What can I do to make you love more?
  • What quality do you like the most about me?
  • When exactly did you realize that you love me?
  • What makes your heart ache now?
  • What’s the real reason we’re fighting right now?

Those are some examples of questions so you don’t get dry during PDKT or even fight!