December 1, 2022

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These 5 Advantages of Crying, Don’t Hold It Again!

Today, the pressure in life is increasing, yes. Every day there must be problems that come. Sometimes even though we can always overcome the tough days, it feels like we want to shed tears because of the stress. But many people choose not to cry because they don’t want to be considered a child. It’s okay to cry once in a while though. Anyone can cry.

The definition of crying itself is an activity carried out by humans to express emotions in the form of sadness, happiness or joy.

Here are 5 benefits of crying and shedding tears for humans Medical News Today so that you do not hold back and swallow back the tears that cultivate. Let’s see!

1. Cure Pain

Emotionally shedding tears can help release oxytocin and endorphins in the body. Have you ever cried when you feel like something heavy is missing from you? Crying can make you feel relieved afterwards.

2. Make the Mood Better

Usually after crying we will forget the nauseating feeling that previously really disturbed our mood. Therefore, every time after crying, usually someone becomes better and more enthusiastic.

3. Helps Sleep

If a person experiences insomnia due to stress and overthinking, after crying he will be able to fall asleep more easily. Like a baby who often needs to cry out loud in order to sleep better afterwards. That’s because crying can also make a person feel calmer.

4. Fights Bacteria

Our eyes work every day. Bacteria that stain the eye can not be avoided. By crying, the bacteria that land on our eyes are also dragged out with the flowing tears.

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5. Improve Vision

Every time a person blinks while crying, nourishing tears can help moisten the eyes. Because of that, our vision becomes clearer and clearer.

Those are the five advantages of crying or shedding tears. Crying doesn’t make someone look weak. It’s not just children who can cry. So, don’t hold back anymore!