December 2, 2022

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These 3 Reasons Make You Often Suffer Because of Yourself

Not everyone understands and knows what we actually suffer from. Though the pain does not always come from other people, but also from oneself. Well, below are 3 reasons that make us suffer because of our own actions.

1. Always feel lacking

Dissatisfied with yourself or feeling unworthy. If we think like this, of course, we often feel sad. You don’t need to be perfect to thrive.

What kind of perfection do you want? Our job is to improve the quality of ourselves and of course always process every day. That’s the most important. In addition, we also have to always cultivate gratitude so that there are no more feelings insecure. It’s a simple thing, but we often overlook it.

2. Always try to make other people like

We can’t make everyone like us. Whatever and no matter how much we try to please everyone, it will never be. So, from now on we don’t need to bother being perfect humans to be liked by others.

If we’ve done the right thing, comply with the law, and also don’t hurt other people, that’s enough. In reality there must be someone who doesn’t like us even though we haven’t done anything wrong either. Live your life casually, don’t demand others to like you. Sometimes, we also do not like other people, even though he is not guilty of anything.

3. Negative thinking

Not all facts match feelings. If we always think things are out of control, we will be miserable. As if hypnotized by his own mind. So, from now on stop negative thoughts. There are still many positive things you need to think about

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. You have to underline that sometimes it’s just our feelings, not reality. Don’t let your thoughts make you weak and weak.

If we want to be good people, don’t just do good to others. But also to yourself. Self sometimes can also be a big reason why we are sad. Keep introspection and don’t treat yourself too hard.