December 6, 2022

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There are still many KRL passengers standing but the seats are actually filled with bags, Warganet: Just rebuke

KRL is the preferred mode of transportation used by many people. No wonder if on the day of work, the passengers are always full.

Recently, social media was shocked with videos of the condition of the KRL seats which were actually filled with bags even though there were passengers standing. The video was uploaded by the social media account Instagram memomedsos, Friday (17/6/2022).

Video footage shows the atmosphere of a train carriage filled with passengers. There are still some passengers who have not got a seat.

However, there are still some empty seats. However, the chairs were not empty without someone to occupy.

The seats that were still empty by other passengers were actually filled with their bags. Despite being close to the empty seat where the bag was placed, some passengers who didn’t get a seat still chose to stand.

The empty passenger seat is actually filled with bags. (Instagram/memomedsos)

This condition raises the pros and cons of netizens who watch this video. Not a few netizens regretted why the passengers who were standing didn’t rebuke directly instead of making a video because the seat was their right.

“Just rebuke, maybe our typical people are also shy. So if you want to reprimand to sit down, feel free,” commented one netizen.

“I want to say, excuse me, I want to sit down, please give me the bag! What will the response be?” another response.

“I really hate this kind of content! If you think it’s not right, you’ll rebuke it! If you’ve been reprimanded, you think it’s still wrong, then it’s viral. said another.

“Just stay, excuse me, is there anyone who can put it? I want to sit like that,” said another netizen.

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Some netizens suspect that the bag was deliberately placed on an empty chair to be usedbooking.

“This means keeping the bag for booking friends or acquaintances to sit down later?” netizen comments.

“Booking for friends,” said another.

“It’s normal to leave his friend’s bag still at the Klender station, the new train departs Bekasi, that’s how it is booked. I was there, I threw the bag away, the booking system is all,” said another.

Just a few hours of uploading, this video has already gotten 32 thousand views on Instagram reels.