August 18, 2022

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The Viral Side of Citayam Children’s Fashion Week The Sweet Voice of His Recitation Makes It Cool

Citayam Fashion Week has become a hot topic of conversation lately. Behind the frenetic excitement of young people hanging out there with contemporary outfits, there is an interesting bright side of them.

In a viral video uploaded to the TikTok social media account, warga_pribum1 reveals the bright side of the Citayam Fashion Week children who hang out in SCBD. Two young people hanging out there have the ability to recite the Koran in a melodious voice that makes it cool.

“The bright side of SCBD (Citayem Fashion Week),” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Wednesday (03/08/2022).

Video footage shows two adult men approaching two young people who were hanging out in SCBD. These two young people were asked about memorizing surahs of the Quran that they could.

“Remember the meal prayer?” asked the white hoodie man.

“Memorize,” replied the two young people.

“Sleep prayer?” he asked again.

“Memorize,” they said.

“An Nas can also, Qulhu can,” said the young man in black pants.

“Ar Rahman is also fully finished,” said the young man in white pants.

The man who had asked the question immediately challenged the young man who could recite Ar Rahman to recite the Koran in front of him. The young man accepted the man’s challenge.

He then started reciting Surah Ar Rahman by reciting Basmallah. The voice he issued when reciting Surah Ar Rahman was so melodious.

Reciting Surah Ar Rahman

Recite Surah Ar Rahman with a melodious voice. (TikTok/citizens_pribum1)

He is very fluent in reciting the holy verses of Surah Ar Rahman. Meanwhile, the friend next to him who was with him also recited Surah Ar Rahman silently.

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This can be seen from the movement of his mouth that was recorded on the camera. The two adults who interviewed them were made to gawk after hearing the melodious voice of a young boy in white pants reciting Surah Ar Rahman.

The video of young people hanging out in SCBD where Citayam Fashion Week was held immediately went viral. So far, the video has been viewed 6.7 million times.

Netizens who watched the video praised the young man and said he deserved to go viral.

“Hopefully it will inspire all young people, become a charity for those who listen,” a netizen commented.

“Mashaallah, this should go viral,” said another.

“Masyaallah, even though his friends are not told to read, they still follow the reading,” added another.

“This must be given support, stages, scholarships, good prayers, hopes, opportunities, and others,” another response.

“This is very appropriate, sir, to be given a scholarship @Sandiaga Uno,” another netizen said.