August 8, 2022

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The Viral Boy Deftly Sells Putu Cakes Until The Night, The Reason Makes You Touched

Not all children are lucky to enjoy their childhood to play and learn with their peers. Some children have to be faced with the harsh realities of life.

They often have to spend time playing and learning to work. Recently, it went viral on social media, a boy selling bamboo putu cakes until the evening with the reason behind it that touched him.

The moment the boy was selling putu bamboo cakes was shared in a short video by the owner of the TikTok mynaptra account.

“What are you less grateful for today?” wrote the owner of the TikTok mynaptra account as a video description as quoted by, Friday (5/8/2022).

Video footage shows a boy serving a buyer of his putu bamboo cake. The boy deftly served a customer who happened to be his age.

Not only agile, this boy is also painstaking and immediately cleans his cart after serving customers to keep it looking clean. It is known that the boy who sells putu bamboo cakes is named Ikbal.

The reason for selling is touching

Ikbal is serving his putu cake buyers. (TikTok/mynaptra)

He sells putu bamboo cakes to replace his father’s position as the breadwinner in his family. Because the father is gone.

The money from selling the putu bamboo cakes is not only used to meet the needs of the family but also to buy shoes.

“He said there was no father, he worked to collect money to buy shoes, I really respect it,” said the video owner in the comments column.

Ikbal’s viral video, an underage boy who sells to make a living, has now been watched 2.1 million times. Warganet is made to salute and empathize with Ikbal.

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“Success is in sight, brother,” said one netizen.

“O Allah, stay healthy, sis. May Allah expand your fortune as well as your family,” another prayer.

“I swear I have so much respect for this kid,” another said.

“Respect, will definitely be a successful person in his own way,” added another.

“The sale is very clean for sure, it looks like if you are tenacious and painstaking, it’s a success, sis,” other netizens’ comments.

In the next video, the donations that netizens have collected for Ikbal have been handed over to him and his family.